Monday, June 14, 2010


As expected, the World Cup has taken over my life. The entire weekend's events revolved around it. Especially(and surprisingly) the America vs. England game. Now, I'm not that incredibly patriotic person who will root for the team just because I live here and don't care whether or not the actual team can play. Saying that, I think most people did not expect the USA to even make it to the Cup let alone play England and actually TIE!!!!! Come is barely a sport in the USA compared to giants such as baseball and basketball. I've never seen so many soccer fans ( or were they just USA fans??) in NYC in my life. It was unbelievable! It was as if I was in a country that actually gave a hoot about soccer!
We went to a wonderful beer garden and drank way too many pitchers of mojitos. We will be going back to that beer garden asap, since those mojitos sure did their job for $25. I will be on a massive search this week for jerseys and blowhorns. These are some of the photos that survived. They are terribly grainy due to it being taken on a phone after lots and lots of mojitos. The place was packed inside and out.

On another note, I've decided to profile new and exciting designers from various countries playing in the World Cup:)
I'll make it like a grab bag lotto...whichever game is on, I'll pick that country and go from there. NETHERLANDS!
Amsterdam has their own International Fashion Week taking place in July 14-18. One particular designer that's kinda got my head spinning is Bibi van der Velden. Her pieces are dubbed "Wearable Works of Art" . Don't forget to take a look at Zanzabelle's Closet, where I have a bunch of auctions ending this week.

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  1. that alligator ring is very cool. those necklaces are very..... bold. i don't know if it's something regular people can pull off. haha.

    hope you can visit my blog and follow me!

  2. love the accessories in this post, photos are fab, love your blog babe