Thursday, April 29, 2010

daily dose of happy medicine

This is what's on my mind today...
-Semi Sweet Red Wine...'specially Zmora Semi-Sweet Cab Sav..ultra delicious and it tastes just like grape juice..don't slip it to the kids
-It's Complicated, cos Meryl + Alec = heaven and the food she cooks and the house she lives in and the everything about that film screams a life that I strive for...minus all whole crazy love issues
-Croque Monsieur- the delicious cheese + bread that Meryl makes in the movie and also a French dish...if you know me than you know I could live on cheese + bread- google it and make it for you or your sweetie
-Ya Basta!- an anniversary album compilation by Ya Basta records with remixes by Gotan Project, $olal presents the Moonshine Sessions, David Walters, Boyz from Brazil, Stereo Action Unlimited etc. GOOD STUFF!
-Feathers- Love them in my hair, on my head, in my ears, around my neck, on my belt, on a bird and on and on and on. I love and will always love feathers and they are always on my mind as I am always figuring out new ways to incorporate them into my daily life

I Heart Fellini

I love love love Fellini films. All of them. I love Fellini, the man, himself.
I love his wife, Giuletta Masina. She is perfection. He is a genius. It's just a neverending love affair. If you have never seen a Fellini film, go get La Strada or
8 1/2. There is more visual brilliance and cinematic styling in his movies than anything I've ever seen.GENIUS.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

train makeovers

I used to be the kind to put my little bit of makeup on in the subway. I was late somewhere and had no time so you figure it can't hurt. I still will touch up with some lippy gloss. HOWEVER, what I saw on the subway today made me laugh out loud so hard and put a whole new spin on subway makeup application.
So it's morning rush. Two women sit side by side. They both look about looks like a fashionista and the other looks business. Any who, fashionista takes out some powder, blush, eyeliner, lipstick and proceeds to create "the face" in a moving train. Business looks on and decides she could use some makeup too. She takes out her little bag and starts putting on "business face", which is less flashy than fashionista "face". After about 10 minutes of this long and drawn out makeup application, they put their bags away.
Then, all of a sudden, perhaps compulsively, Business reaches in for more lipstick and liner. Fashionista can't be outdone and pulls out the powder again. They glance and scowl at each other and competitively pull out and apply makeup. After 10 more minutes of this, they sit there, pissed and with WAY TOO MUCH MAKEUP ON! I mean, HOLY CANNOLI! They both looked like drag queens. Sure enough, business put her hand in her bag and pulled out a makeup remover sheet. I didn't know that makeup application was a competitive sport.

Friday, April 23, 2010

daily dose of happy medicine

this is whats on my mind today....
-Isabel Marant boots(want want want want)
-Quantic's Tradition in Transition, which has been on replay for quite some time now
-Coconut water, I've been drinking it daily and it is oh so good
-Coconut Macaroons, because all I ever think about lately has been coconuts
-That baby's headband----cutest f*ckin thing...wonder if I would look as cute...

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

"I don't want to live. I want to love first, and live incidentally."-Zelda Fitzgerald

Many a nights I have spent as a little girl watching Chaplin/ Keaton/ Brooks/Pickford films and thinking that perhaps I was born in the wrong era. I would wake up in the morning and go through my mom's makeup and apply a little bow lip with some red lipstick. I would find her gorgeous flapper dress with all the beading, put it on, and dance around the house to old jazz songs. The dress, of course, skimmed the floor but I thought I was Lillian Gish. Then one day when I was about 5, I cut off all my long blonde hair to a "bob". My mother wasn't thrilled. The scissors were locked away, but I was the happiest 5 year old. Here's to one of the most beautiful, timeless and decadent eras in history!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

L'amore è../Любовь это../Amor Es... /L'amour c'est...

I'm in love. And when you are in love, you see love in everything else. Thankfully, there once was a woman named Kim Grove who created this wonderful comic strip called "Love is...". It's the cutest frickin thing. And they are naked (sometimes). Really, it's like baby kittens.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

dolce vita

All I can think about today is running away to Capri or any other place on the Amalfi coast in Italy with my hubby. Just the sheer thought of strolling along the beach, then settling down for a glass of limoncello and some tiramisu in a little cafe overlooking the water is divine. Life moves at a different pace in the Meditteranean and everyone is tanned, smiling and smells like citrus fruits. At least thats what I remember when I was there, a decade ago, and I was just a little girl. Oh, and there were alot of slip-on white sneaks.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Spring Makes Me :)

New York City isn't usually the place you would assume has the best spring florals but this year's blooms really knocked it out of the park. My neighborhood is covered in cherry blossom trees and tulips. Taking a weekend walk around the area has become a new pleasure. It's like getting lost in a really roomy and fragrant garden. Lovely.

Lovely Brigitte

She is the epitome of the sex kitten bombshell. She continues to have a slew of imitators. She is the one and only, Brigitte Bardot. I adore her and think she was the epitome of feminine glamour. I've put together a small list of goodies that convey that "sex kitten" look.
Firstly, you need a good, thick, smudgey black eye. Brigitte never went without it and even added a feline twist to it by flicking the eyeliner upward for a cat's eye. The best black eyeliner I know is Benefit Bad Gal.

A sleepy and smudgey eye needs a nice balanced lip. Brigitte's color of choice was usually nude. I found that Revlon's Super Lustrious Creme Lipstick in Nude Velvet is a good universal nude.

Last but not least, you need the roughed up bedhead hair. John Freida's Luxurious Volume mousse is perfect if you massage it into roots. Follow that up with a nice thick curling iron. Big sunnies, a bathing suit and Brigitte's favorite perfume (Jicky by Guerlain) are optional.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I've always dreamed of having my own store as a kid and now I have one!'s on ebay...but still! It's called Zanzabelle's Closet. For now, I specialize in selling designer stuff ( such as Prada, Moschino, Guess ) for cheap, for new and used. Also, I've got some pretty cool vintage belts on there as well as homemade handmade charm bracelets. There will be PLENTY more to come as I ease into the whole ebay business thing.
But check it might find something you like for a really good price :)

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

and now I'm one year older...

I was born on April Fool's Day and another birthday just passed by. I love birthdays more than anything and regard them as a holiday, only this particular dawned upon me. I'm sure it dawns upon everyone at any given birthday, but this year the lucky fool was me. I am getting older. I am not old and won't be for quite a while and I still look young enough to constantly get carded for cigarettes and lotto tickets, but I am one year older. So this year, I decided from now on...I will succumb to every idea and silly plan that I have versus having millions of ideas and not doing anything with any of them. It's time to light that fire under your ass. More to come on this, but for now..some pictures to go with my thoughts.

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