Wednesday, March 17, 2010

if you are anything like me....

then mojitos are the juice in your sippy cup! I managed to find an authentic cuban mojito recipe that would be awesome come spring or summer. I realize you can go out to get one in like 5 minutes but quite frankly I always like to craft my own…then you earn it…Here’s the recipe:

2 oz. of Havana Club Rum(Añejo Especial” or “Añejo Blanco”) –if you are like the rest of America and can’t get your hands on great Cuban products, settle for 2 oz. of any white rum…but aim high and try and find the Havana Club.

1/2 lime- cut into 4 wedges

3 stems of mint

5 or so ice cubes

1 tsp. cane sugar

cold sparkling water

Then, you’re gonna pour the rum into a tall drinking glass…add 3 of the 4 lime wedges into the glass……tear the mint leaves off 2 of the stems and place them inside the glass also…add sugar…stir all ingredients above aggresively with a spoon..add ice and sparkling water..add the remaining lime and mint stem to decorate your pretty creation.

ps. you can try this with dark rum and brown sugar…WoWwy

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