Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Heart The Rat Pack

Not many people mention men's style and loveliness but I'm here to write about my all time favorite Rat Pack. I've yet to see such style oozing collectively out of a group of men. They were unstoppable. Much more than style, they left befind the greatest tunes and the firm statement of a beautiful and decadent era. I'm utterly in love with their music and am actually currently listening to Frank Sinatra's "What is this thing called Love". I would have loved to shoot a game of craps with these guys and then sip on a glass of champagne while watching their live show in Vegas. The suits, the boys, their eyes, their voices. Timeless.
ps. I'm happy to report that my hubby looks like he was in the Rat Pack. The suits, the voice and everything. I'm a lucky gal ;)

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  1. awww i love this era!!!
    cool blog you have aswell

  2. I hear you re the Rat Pack. Oh to shot a game of craps with them and to wear a spair of Spats. Lucky you for having a husband like them lot! Hawt! Ele from BORO x