Friday, May 28, 2010


Putting everything else aside for the moment, it's our anniversary. I love my hubby more and more everyday and I wanted to take the time out to share that with the world. It's a wonderful thing when you find that person whom you can share your days with. I've always been a romantic at heart and I love days like today. I get to be corny and sappy without abandon :)
To everyone else who is in love, or looking for love, or just loves love as much as I do (it makes the world go round) have discovered the timeless secret of the meaning of life :) Enjoy it.

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  1. congrats! love all the beautiful photos..and I have a perm so my hair is wavy now =)I will be doing a hair post sometime soon!


  2. Congrat on your anniversary. I still haven't found mine yet, but I'm sure it's bound to happen soon (i hope). :)

  3. Those picks are wonderfull
    xoxo Angie

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