Thursday, April 29, 2010

daily dose of happy medicine

This is what's on my mind today...
-Semi Sweet Red Wine...'specially Zmora Semi-Sweet Cab Sav..ultra delicious and it tastes just like grape juice..don't slip it to the kids
-It's Complicated, cos Meryl + Alec = heaven and the food she cooks and the house she lives in and the everything about that film screams a life that I strive for...minus all whole crazy love issues
-Croque Monsieur- the delicious cheese + bread that Meryl makes in the movie and also a French dish...if you know me than you know I could live on cheese + bread- google it and make it for you or your sweetie
-Ya Basta!- an anniversary album compilation by Ya Basta records with remixes by Gotan Project, $olal presents the Moonshine Sessions, David Walters, Boyz from Brazil, Stereo Action Unlimited etc. GOOD STUFF!
-Feathers- Love them in my hair, on my head, in my ears, around my neck, on my belt, on a bird and on and on and on. I love and will always love feathers and they are always on my mind as I am always figuring out new ways to incorporate them into my daily life

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