Tuesday, April 27, 2010

train makeovers

I used to be the kind to put my little bit of makeup on in the subway. I was late somewhere and had no time so you figure it can't hurt. I still will touch up with some lippy gloss. HOWEVER, what I saw on the subway today made me laugh out loud so hard and put a whole new spin on subway makeup application.
So it's morning rush. Two women sit side by side. They both look about 40ish...one looks like a fashionista and the other looks business. Any who, fashionista takes out some powder, blush, eyeliner, lipstick and proceeds to create "the face" in a moving train. Business looks on and decides she could use some makeup too. She takes out her little bag and starts putting on "business face", which is less flashy than fashionista "face". After about 10 minutes of this long and drawn out makeup application, they put their bags away.
Then, all of a sudden, perhaps compulsively, Business reaches in for more lipstick and liner. Fashionista can't be outdone and pulls out the powder again. They glance and scowl at each other and competitively pull out and apply makeup. After 10 more minutes of this, they sit there, pissed and with WAY TOO MUCH MAKEUP ON! I mean, HOLY CANNOLI! They both looked like drag queens. Sure enough, business put her hand in her bag and pulled out a makeup remover sheet. I didn't know that makeup application was a competitive sport.

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